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Inorganic vs. Organic Vitamins: Which is better for you?

There are several differences between inorganic and organic vitamin supplements. If you do not know what they are you will not be doing yourself in favors in the long run. Generally speaking, organic means natural and inorganic means synthetic. So in other words, if you are taking a natural vitamin supplement it consists of vitamins that were extracted from natural sources. On the other side of things synthetic vitamin supplements were manufactured in order to try to duplicate a natural effect. Many people feel that one option is better than the other, but this is a debate that will probably go on for quite some time.

Organic means Natural

The reason that so many people like organic vitamins is that they are natural. This means that they were taken from natural sources of vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. If you are having a hard time understanding this concept, think about it this way. Fruits and vegetables are natural because they come from the earth. Therefore, if you are taking a natural supplement it is coming direct from the earth as well. This means that there are no additives, or any altering of the vitamin before it is turned into a pill and sold as a supplement.

Inorganic means Synthetic

You should also know that there is an option besides natural vitamins. This is known as inorganic or synthetic vitamins. All in all, when you take a vitamin that is not natural it has been altered during a manufacturing stage in order to make it as close as possible to a natural offering. For instance, vitamin A comes naturally from fish oils as well as lemon grass. When you are dealing with an inorganic vitamin, it instead comes from palmitate or acetate. This is not necessarily wrong, but many people will argue that inorganic vitamins are not as good for the body as the natural alternatives.

If you are worried about taking the wrong type of vitamin supplement you should look into the pros and cons of each type. If you still have any questions there is nothing wrong with asking your doctor. After all, when it comes to your health it is very important that you take all of the necessary steps in order to ensure your safety. There is plenty of information available on both organic and inorganic vitamins. All you have to do is find these details so you can decide which option is best for you.


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