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If you are an athlete you have probably heard the term electrolytes in the past. The fact of the matter is that getting the proper amount of electrolytes is important to all athletes. But with that being said, electrolytes are something that everybody needs. The biggest problem that surrounds electrolytes is that most people do not know what they are all about. And if you do not know anything about electrolytes it will be very difficult for you to get what you need.

What are Electrolyte Drinks?

If you have heard of electrolytes before, chances are it is because you are an athlete. There are many electrolyte drinks that are used in order to keep the body hydrated during intense competition. This is why so many athletes are familiar with electrolytes and what they can do for them. When you replenish your body with electrolytes you will be able to avoid dehydration. And when you do this you will be able to perform at a much higher level for a longer period of time.

Common Electrolyte Drinks

The most common electrolyte drink is Gatorade. In addition to containing electrolytes, they also have a large amount of carbohydrates in them. These carbohydrates, such as glucose, provide energy to the person who needs it. So again, it is easy to see why electrolyte drinks are so common among athletes.

It is not recommended that young children use electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade. The reason for this is because the majority of them contain a high level of sugar. Instead, younger children should look into pediatric electrolyte solutions if they are in need of hydration. This way they can get what they need without the high level of sugar.

It is safe to say that electrolytes are important to both athletes and non athletes. Not only can they help to replenish your body when you are dehydrated, but electrolytes can also go a long way in keeping your energy up.

Overall, there is not much that you need to know about electrolytes. They are commonly known for being present in sports drinks. And when you consume them you will be able to hydrate your body more quickly.

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