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Have you ever heard of the mineral magnesium? You probably answered yes because when you were in school you had to learn about this in science class. And even though you probably learned a bit about magnesium, chances are that you did not really touch on what magnesium can do for the human body. Many people think that magnesium is nothing more than an element listed on the periodic table. Although it is true that magnesium is on the periodic table, it is not true that it is irrelevant to the human body. In fact, this mineral is very important in your overall health.

Facts about Magnesium

Did you know that only three minerals are more common than magnesium in the human body? More than 50% of the magnesium that is in the human body can be found in the bones. The other half is found in the cells that are within organs and body tissues. Even though less than 1% of magnesium is found in the blood, the human body works very hard in order to regulate this. Having the proper amount of magnesium in your blood is very important to staying healthy.

Functions of Magnesium

There are many functions that magnesium is responsible for. First off, magnesium helps to control and maintain proper muscle and nerve function. In addition to this, magnesium also helps to keep the immune system in perfect working order. And as you can imagine when your immune system is not working right you are much more susceptible to becoming sick. Magnesium also helps to keep your blood pressure regulated and in turn prevent problems such as hypertension.

Food Source

Getting the proper amount of magnesium is easy enough if you know what to eat. Green vegetables are the most common source of magnesium. Additionally, you should also consider some nuts and seeds that contain magnesium. Many people also find it interesting that tap water contains some magnesium. Of course this all depends on where you live, but it is safe to say that if you are drinking for the tap you will get some level of magnesium.

Overall, magnesium is very important to the human body. You need to make sure that you get enough magnesium in order to keep healthy over time. Generally speaking, 400 milligrams of magnesium is all that you need to take on a daily basis.

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